A Community for Young Ovarian Cancer Survivors and Thrivers

Raising Awareness for Young Ovarian Cancer Survivors and Thrivers

What is Teal45?

      According to World Ovarian Cancer Day, "statistics show that just 45% of women with ovarian cancer are likely to survive for five years". Only 45%!  In addition, most cases of Ovarian Cancer are caught in the late stages because of a lack of screening. Teal is the official color for Ovarian Cancer. From the shocking research and the awareness color, Teal45 was formed specially to spread awareness and build a community for young Ovarian Cancer survivors and thrivers (those in treatment).



Young OC Survivor and Thriver Community & Support

     As a young person having been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, we need a community of support to share our stories, invest in more research, and also find the strength to keep pushing through that next round of chemo or next CT scan as we navigate our "new normal". This is the heart of Teal45. In practice, this looks like connecting with others who are going through treatment, creating and packing support packages to deliver to infusion clinics associated with INOVA hospitals, and support during fundraising events and oncology conferences. 

Fundraising & Service

     We believe the key to helping more women survive Ovarian Cancer is through early detection and awareness. For this reason, 20% of every purchase is donated to further research for early detection and for a cure for Ovarian Cancer. Service is also at the heart of what we hope to do. We hope to sit with patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation and send care packages to infusion centers in the Washingtion D.C./Metro Area.